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Clean Up Your Messes…..

And Your Incompletes advises Principle #28.  

Easier said than done…that junk closet you’ve been meaning to get to, that letter you’ve been meaning to write, that project you started and didn’t finish or that difficult conversation you know you need to have.

Jack Canfield offers up a system that makes a lot of sense; The Cycle of Completion:

  • Decide- non negotiable
  • Plan – what needs to happen in order to implement 
  • Start – implement your plan
  • Continue – keep going don’t get distracted and move on to something else
  • Finish – wrap it up
  • Complete – make sure there are no loose ends

You’ll feel so much better in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually when you can let the weight of your messes and incompletes  go.

Let me know what mess you’re going to start cleaning up by hitting reply and sharing. I want to support you and cheer you on…..


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Keep Your Eye On The Prize…

Remember as a kid the intense focus it took to play (and win) at a game?  

What was the prize you got when you won?

What’s the game you’re playing today? 

What’s the prize you’re aiming for?

Success Principle #27 is about focus. There’s more to what jack Canfield has to say about the topic…however here’s the hack…

Get into the habit of visualizing your ideal next day the night before.  

Sweet dreams….




Do Good.Take Credit.

“Do Good. Take Credit.” I remember hearing this from a mentor, Jim Hughes, founder of The Brand Establishment.

At first I just smiled however as the years have gone by and I have worked with hundreds of people I notice more and more that we tend to focus on what we haven’t done instead of what we have done, or perhaps continually move the success bar so it’s always just out of reach.

In Principle #26 the invitation is to “Acknowledge Your Positive Past”. There’s a great exercise Jack Canfield suggests:

  • Divide your life into 3 equal time periods birth to your current age (i.e. if you’re 66 [birth to 22] [22 to 44] [44 to 66].
  • List three success for each time period.

I hope you’ll take the time to actually do this and share it…Do Good. Take Credit.





Let’s hang out…

Who are you hanging out with?

Nay Sayers or Yay Sayers?

I have created a group of friends and business associates who are positive thinkers and offer generous support to those in their lives.  

I’d say I hang out with Yay Sayers!

One thing about Nay Sayers they’re not that fond of hanging with Yay Sayers…we tend spoil all their fun and they often fall away naturally. 

With Success Principle 25 Jack Canfield encourages us to “Drop Out of the Ain’t it Awful Club…and Surround Ourselves with Successful People”.

And remember according to Jim John…you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Who are you hanging out with? 



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Exceed Expectations…

There’s a lot to be said in honoring your word or even better…over delivering on your promise!

Think back to a time when you surprised someone by doing just that.

Think back to a time when someone surprised you by doing that for you!

These moments are important because we make or experience something special and memorable.

I have a friend, Alina Vincent, who I think Jack Canfield must have had in mind when he came up with Principle 24… Exceed Expectations.  

Alina is a business coach, brilliant strategist and trainer.  I have known Alina and been a grateful student for years.  I think the secret to her success is her ability to always over deliver on her promises…to always Exceed Expectations!

If you’re a business owner looking to increase your online presence Alina’s Visibility Kickstarter Challenge is coming soon.

Look for emails from me, sign up, and experience for yourself what’s its like to be WOW’d!

Practice Persistence and the Rule of 5


Because it’s not always going to be easy. Principle #22.

There will be disappointments and failures on your way to manifesting your dreams and desires.

On your way through your disappointments and failures “Practice the Rule of 5”, Principle #23, in which Jack Canfield recommends that ,every day, you do five specific things that will move your goal toward completion.

I like this concept because it reduces that lengthily, never ending today list to just 5!

What 5 things will you focus on this week?

PS: If you need help identifying your top 5 lets hop on the phone and let me help you:

PSPS: One of my coaches pointed out one time that I can’t see what’s on the tip of my nose but she can…perhaps I can do the same for you.

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Use Feedback for Improvement

How do we measure how we’re doing?

Ask for feedback!

YIKES…the one thing we don’t want to do is ask for feedback.

Why? Because it might be negative!

Gulp…ask anyway.

In Success Principles #19 (Use Feedback to Your Advantage) and #20 (Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement Jack Canfield lays out a path for us to ask how we’re doing and use the feedback to improve our quality of work, communication skills, relationships….all aspects of our life.

Who will you ask for feedback from this week?

Reject Rejection

Easier said than done…right?

You see as ancient humans if we were kicked out of the tribe we couldn’t survive…virtual death sentence.

We still have that ancient program running and it feels like it’s THE END if we get rejected, shut out or made fun of. It’s that survival code that’s built into our DNA.

Jack Canfield brings up the hard stuff and there is no easy answer…sometimes, as Principle 17 says, we just have to Reject Rejection.

Be aware of the story you’re telling yourself or the critical judgment that surfaces if you do get rejected.

There are any number reasons there was a NO…however it’s important to remember YOU are not one of the reasons.

A Walk in the Park…

Well…not always as we are reminded here in week 14 of The Success Principles.

Jack Canfield says “Be Willing to Pay the Price” in Principle 16.

I’d rather say Plan and Implement Consistently and be willing to course correct when necessary.

Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant is quoted as having said “It’s not the will to win that matters…everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win”.

How prepared are you?


I’m so happy Jack Canfield surfaces this discussion early on in The Success Principles.

Welcome to week three of our fifty-two week journey together.

Principle 4: Believe it’s Possible

Principle 5: Believe in Yourself

I’ve heard it said that we don’t manifest what we want…we manifest what we believe.

When I was almost 50 years old I decided I wanted to teach yoga so I began my journey as a student in training. There was a lot I had to set aside as far as doubts and insecurities. Was I?????…well you can imagine and fill in the blanks. So why would I do this? The reason is a gifted teacher, Angela White, who gave me a different mirror to see myself in, rather than the one I had been looking into. I felt if I could give just one person what she had given me, a deep sense of self love, it would be the reward of a lifetime…and certainly worth working through all MY stuff because it was not about ME.

On my journey I found Anusara yoga and learned a lesson from its founder, John Friend, three principles that I refer to not only in yoga but in all areas of my life and they are: Attitude | Alignment | Action.

Attitude: Did I believe I had something to offer, to teach? Did I believe I could make a difference? The answer was and still is Yes!

Do you Believe?

Alignment: Did I believe I had the skill to guide a student out of a possible injury and into a place of ease and joy? The answer was and still is Yes!

Do you Believe?

Action: Did I believe if I committed, learned, practiced and then finally stepped into a studio and invited students to come that they would come? I didn’t know…but I did it anyway!

Do you Believe?

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” Richard Bach

PS: Students did and still do come all these years later! Grateful.