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The Yoga of Truthfullness in Business

The Yama’s are the first limb of the 8 limbs of yoga as presented by Patanjali.  Last week we talked about the first of the Yama’s, Ahimsa (non-harming) and how our thoughts, actions or words can literally kill someone’s or even your dreams and ideas.  The second of the Yama’s, Satya, is coming from a place of honesty and truthfulness. That’s it!

Practice Ahimsa and Satya this week as you re-enforce your businesses foundation based on these ancient principles.

Give Support.  Be Honest.  Be your biggest You!



The Yoga of Non-Harming in Business

Practicing the ancient principle or yama of ahimsa (non harming) in business can transform your organization (even if it’s an organization of one).  If someone has a idea, even if YOU don’t think it will work, come from a place of inquiry…how about saying “that’s interesting tell me more” instead of “that will never work”.

Be Inquisitive.  Listen.  Practice Ahimsa.