Wow, I don't know where to begin to list all of the valuable information that I received from Johanna's work. The main thing that I achieved from working with Johanna is clarity about what I offer and how to powerfully write and speak about it.

I now have a clear map of and for my business from the macro to the micro. I was able to bring into focus what I offer and be able to talk about it in a clear effective way.  Johanna's work provided me with a solid foundation to build my business on.

I am very clear and can speak powerfully about my vision, mission, brand essence, tag line, core values, commitments, unique selling points, & brand pillars. I now have the fundamentals, the infrastructure, to speak accurately about what I do and what makes me unique. Johanna's SWOT assessment of my business was very clarifying and beneficial.  

I appreciate how Johanna had us take time to get clear on our ideal clients, why they need us, how it feels to work with them, the benefits that they get by working with us, and what to say to get their attention.

This is priceless... no more guessing!

I also loved how Johanna had us define goals in all areas of our life not just in our businesses. This was very enlightening.We covered so much in this program. It was worth way more than the price. It had me shave years off of guessing how to present and market my business... all adding up to making a lot more money.

It is unmistakable the years that Johanna has been working with business owners to provide them with clarity and certainty about the core of their business. She gets to the nucleus of a business with speed, coherence and lucidity. She is an amazing instructor... so knowledgeable and skillful in how to have your business market well and thrive.I highly, highly recommend working with Johanna. It will save you countless wasted time and money on ineffective marketing.

Her program will provide you with a solid foundation and words to powerfully let people know what you do, how you will serve them, and will have them enthusiastically say "Yes" to working with you.

Cheryl Blossom 
Blossoming Wisdom Online Institute

Johanna McClain coaching has had a powerful impact on my business and my practice. She helped me through her laser coaching and her clarity to cut to what would not only benefit me but support my clients as well.

I am a strong woman and she was rock solid in holding space for me to do the work I need to get my business on track, helped design and implement my 4-Step Healthy PACE Plan and helped to put systems in place that helped me and my business thrive.  She will get to the root of what is keeping you and your business stuck.

Her experience, her big heart, and compassion to help you get motivated creates a safe space to do the work that needs to be done.  My free gift will help you find instant Relief from burnout so check it out at www.stopnoticebreathe.com.

Amy Lewis 
Founder of CranioWave, LLCĀ® and Change your PACE, Change your LIFEĀ®

Before I met Johanna, I had no idea what a "brand" was.  I learned that branding your business was way more than just a logo.  Johanna taught me that my brand is how people relate to me and my company.  Johanna helped me to understand the value of my brand, what it stood for, and how important it is to brand my business so that people understand who we are and what we do.  Thanks Johanna!

Regina Luffey 
IT Manager, Business Coach