Meet Johanna

Johanna McClain is a Certified Business Coach and a tireless advocate for small business success. Her clients say they have never worked with anyone who injected ethics, drive and core values so deeply into everyday business.

For 30 years Johanna has worked with business owners offering insight, affection and true empathy for her clients. Her generosity, kindness and spirituality are evident in all she does.

2010 became a year of change for Johanna. After 30 years of working in advertising as an agency owner, media strategist and certified brand strategist working with small to medium size businesses she was inspired to do more. With her eyes and heart wide open to the struggles of being an entrepreneur and business owner her passion led her to seek a new direction and become a certified business coach.

Johanna has an exceptional track record in business and her experience is invaluable. She’s firmly rooted in ?the fundamentals of business practices and marketing strategy.

Johanna not only has tremendous business experience she has attended high level training: She is a Certified Business Coach through, a Certified Brand Strategist through The Brand Establishment.

When she is not helping people fall back in love with their businesses you can find her teaching yoga and enjoying the beauty of Northern Nevada on some of our beautiful hiking trails.


Instant Miracle Mastery Level I & II
Peace Process Master
Instant Miracle Coach
Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing Master

Muscle Testing Master
Extraordinary Coach
Big Money Business Coach Certification Levels I & II

In addition to having a successful coaching practice, Johanna joined Christian Mickelson’s Elite Coaching team in 2014.