Monthly Archives: October 2012

Core Values

Yesterday, in my live tele-training, we had an in-depth discussion about the importance of having Core Values clearly defined as part of your business success model.  Why?  Core Values are your foundation, your guiding principles.  They are what keeps your business together in good times and bad.  Your Core Values represent your highest priorities and deeply held beliefs.  In our competitive environment, your clearly defined and communicated Core Values will set you apart from your competition and have your clients say yes to doing business with you over someone else.

Be Bold.  Be Purposeful.  Be guided by your Core Values.

Are You Excited?

I woke up this morning excited about what was possible for me today and it got me wondering…are you excited too?

Do you realize that what you do and what you offer NO ONE ELSE DOES?  You are uniquely YOU and people come to rely on you for that.  Now that’s exciting!

Show your enthusiasm and your passion for what you do and people can’t help but respond to it.

Be Excited.  Be Bold.  Be Yourself.