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Keeping Score…

Ugh! Sounds boring, uninspiring and not creative for those creatives of you out there.

However…for the golfer, the tennis advocate and the bowling enthusiast it’s all about the score!

How can we look at Principle #21, Keeping Score For Success, in a different or more creative and inspiring way?

Jack Canfield suggests we “measure what we want, not what we don’t want” and that feels like an entirely different energy.

From that different perspective we can tap into our hearts desires and creatively visualize how we will bring our dreams and desires out into our physical world. Hint: don’t forget to pay attention, to make note of your successes…in other words Measure What Matters.

Do you know your numbers?

Year to date...

Goals set for 2017. 

Budget created.

Tracking numbers.

Business taxes done. 

Now that Q1 2017 is just about to close let's do a little check in.

  • Are you tracking your performance?
  • Do you know how close or far you are from your goals?
  • Is there an issue that can be corrected before it becomes a problem?
  • Are you focusing on the right things?

Remember you must measure what you want more of. Know your numbers. Keep score. Winning in the game of business is FUN!

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain





Do You Have Your Business Route Mapped Out For 2017?

Would you drive from San Francisco to NYC without a road map, on bald tires and with no plan of how long it might take?

There is freedom in planning....just think if you had a map, you chose a beautiful route and built in the time to see some of the most breathtaking sites our country has to offer... how much more you would enjoy the trip? As opposed to basically driving blindfolded...

Running a business is no different. Do you have your business route mapped out for 2017?

If not, and you could use some support, I'd love to help you remove your business blindfold and create a clear path for success.

Join me today for Get Ready Get Set GOals >>

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain

Who controls your day?

Do you control your day or does your day control you?

I've worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs for over 30 years and what I know for sure is there is success in structure and there is peace in planning.

I rolled out an offer on Groundhog Day (movie reference intended) for Get Ready, Get Set, GOals™ 2017... because we often find ourselves at the beginning of each year in the same spot we were the year before....with good, but unfulfilled intentions.

I don't want that to happen to you again, so here's the deal...

Would you to invest $47 and 90 minutes of your time, risk free, to take back control of your day, know exactly what direction you're headed and what action steps are needed to have a great year?

If you haven't completely mapped out your goals for 2017...don't let your ideas, dreams and desires be just that...ideas, dreams and desires...join me live on February 16th for Get Ready, Get Set, GOals 2017™ .

This goal setting masterclass is yours at no risk! That's right if you're not completely happy within 30 days, and you've completed the workbook, I'll refund your questions asked.

Let's do this!

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain

Why is today important?

Because its Groundhog Day and in Punxsutawney, PA the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil called for six more weeks of winter.

Phil crawled out of his burrow and saw his shadow. We’ll have more winter weather, according to Phil, who made his prediction this morning.

Groundhog Day is also the name of one of the greatest classic American comedies where weatherman Phil Connors, is forced to live the same February 2nd over and over again until he figures out the error of his ways…..

And what does this hysterical movie with Bill Murray have to do with you? Ask yourself….am I in pretty much the same place today as I was last year at this time?

In a year from now, would you like to look back and have a completely different answer…no excuses?

If so…bundle up for a few more weeks of winter and join me here for a Groundhog Day goal setting breakthrough.

In Gratitude,

Johanna McClain



I have something to share

If you've been reading my emails for the past week, you have probably figured out that I was up to something...

You're right!

I deliberately and intentionally sent a series of emails to poke at you about your goals for this year and what you are doing, yes doing, not thinking to bring them into being.

Yesterday, I invited you to write down what you want this year....not what you think you should do but what you want to do...then I suggested that you write down some actions you could take to make them happen.

I am 100% committed to helping you break the cycle of finding yourself beginning the year with good intentions and finding yourself a year later with the same good intentions.

I'm going to make it fun, easy and affordable for you to take the steps needed to accomplish your goals and get what you really want this year!

Check your email tomorrow morning...Thursday, February 2nd when I make you an irresistible offer to join me, and a bunch of other action takers, to Get Ready Get Set Goals 2017.

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain

Have you ever done this?

Set goals, new years your head?

Having every intention of....

  • Losing 10 pounds
  • Learning to speak another language
  • Taking dance lessons
  • Starting a new business
  • Finally taking that dream trip (as soon as I learn the language)
  • Training for a 1/2 marathon
  • Meeting someone new and having a romantic relationship

And so it goes until the next year comes around and it's like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray all over again.

How can you break the Groundhog Day cycle?

One of the first things you can do is write down what you want this year....not what you think you should do but what you want to do...committed not interested! Once you've done that write down some of the things you can do to actually make it happen.

And there's one more thing....take the time today, not tomorrow to work on this.

Let me know how it goes....I want to share your dreams and wins with you.

In Gratitude,

Johanna McClain






Bad Year Guarantee

Not to be a negative Nelly...just an honest observation.

No goals = no to low success. Guaranteed.

If you want your business to grow exponentially, get crystal clear on what you want to achieve, then write down your goals (this is the key....get your ideas on paper) and have an action plan in place to carry them out.

This is a living document now...don't put it on a shelf...put it in your hands every day.

Act now. Reap the rewards for years to come.

In Gratitude,

Johanna McClain

Are you keeping your promise?

As business owners, we make promises to ourselves, our clients, our employees, our vendors, our community....

Can you turn to yourself, your clients, your employees, your vendors and your community and say, without a doubt, "this is my promise to you and this is how I will keep my promise?"

Saying yes to those two questions is the foundation for building a trusted business brand.

If you would like to learn more, I have created a short guide that points you toward what it means to create a trusted brand and deliver on your brand promise.

You can get it for free here.

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain

It’s comfy and cozy in here.

As the weather changes and a bit of a chill is in the air, I begin to bring out my comfy cozy slippers, robe, sweaters and favorite recipes all designed to help me feel good and safe and content.

That works...except in business!

In business, everything you want is outside of comfy and cozy...

What are you willing to do today that feels scary, risky maybe even exciting that would make a difference in your business a month from now, a year from now?

Take off those cozy slippers and feel your feet on the jump!

In Gratitude,

Johanna McClain