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Did You Know….

“Coaching is one of the most powerful forces for change in the world” says one of my mentors,  Christian Mickelsen.

Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and Chrysler, goes as far as to say “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities”.

Want to get to where you’re going faster?  “Hire a personal coach” says Jack Canfield in Principle #45.

I agree. I believe in coaching. I know, I am a coach and a pretty good one…I’m just not good at coaching myself.  I think, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll agree that you’re not the best coach for you either. 

Coaches help you see what you can’t see.

See for yourself….


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The Company You Keep…

Aesop is quoted as saying “A man is known by the company he keeps”.

Jack Canfield in Principle #44 reminds us to “Create a Network of Mentors and Others Who Will Up-Level You”.

Look at the people around you and and see who you want to spend more time with because they are exciting, positive, innovative and fun.

Build your close network…support and be supported. 

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Become A Leader Worth Following

In Principle #43 Jack Canfield highlights the behaviors that make great leaders “whether you own a business, teach school, manage a small group, coach a team , or are working to advance a cause…you need to enroll others in order to be successful”. 

Here are 6 Behaviors he shares to help you along the path to being an effective leader:

Behavior #1: Know Your Own Strengths And Weaknesses

Behavior #2: Hold Yourself Accountable…And Others, Too

Behavior #3: Inspire Your Team With A Clear, Compelling, Continuous Vision

Behavior #4: Listen For Possibility

Behavior #5: Coach Others To Take A Leadership Role

Behavior #6: Maintain An Attitude of Gratitude

Is there a behavior you would add to this list? Please share….


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Say NO! Just Do It…

Q. Is that really OK?  A. Yes.

Q. Isn’t it rude?  A. No.

Q. Won’t it make someone feel bad or even worse force them to have to say YES to our No?  A. No.

How do we maneuver this with Grace? 

  • Clear communication about when you’re available and for what.

How do we avoid being out of integrity?

  • Answering with “maybe”, that’s not a clear communication.
  • Answering with “I’ll get back to you”, and not following up is not a clear communication.

Don’t be afraid to say NO…as a result of a clear NO your YESES will be so much more appreciated. 

Principle 42. Jack Canfield keeps it simple…JUST SAY NO!


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