I’m so happy Jack Canfield surfaces this discussion early on in The Success Principles.

Welcome to week three of our fifty-two week journey together.

Principle 4: Believe it’s Possible

Principle 5: Believe in Yourself

I’ve heard it said that we don’t manifest what we want…we manifest what we believe.

When I was almost 50 years old I decided I wanted to teach yoga so I began my journey as a student in training. There was a lot I had to set aside as far as doubts and insecurities. Was I?????…well you can imagine and fill in the blanks. So why would I do this? The reason is a gifted teacher, Angela White, who gave me a different mirror to see myself in, rather than the one I had been looking into. I felt if I could give just one person what she had given me, a deep sense of self love, it would be the reward of a lifetime…and certainly worth working through all MY stuff because it was not about ME.

On my journey I found Anusara yoga and learned a lesson from its founder, John Friend, three principles that I refer to not only in yoga but in all areas of my life and they are: Attitude | Alignment | Action.

Attitude: Did I believe I had something to offer, to teach? Did I believe I could make a difference? The answer was and still is Yes!

Do you Believe?

Alignment: Did I believe I had the skill to guide a student out of a possible injury and into a place of ease and joy? The answer was and still is Yes!

Do you Believe?

Action: Did I believe if I committed, learned, practiced and then finally stepped into a studio and invited students to come that they would come? I didn’t know…but I did it anyway!

Do you Believe?

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” Richard Bach

PS: Students did and still do come all these years later! Grateful.