What is my Intention and what is my desired Outcome?

He who knows others is wise.  He who knows himself is enlightened – Tao Te Ching

What is my Intention and what is my desired Outcome? What a powerful question!

Are you in the habit of asking yourself this question?  Let’s say you have a prospective new client; do you have a clear Intention for the tone and structure of your meeting?  Once your Intention is clear; what is the desired Outcome you would like to have?

This could go a couple of different ways:

“I have to get this new prospect to buy my service today or I’m not going to make my goals for the month.”

“My Intention with this new prospect is to come from a place of service, to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers so I can deliver the best solutions to their problems.  My desired Outcome is for my prospective client to see me as a trusted advisor that they want to do business with; and not just another person trying to make a sale.”

Scenario one is all about you.  Scenario two focuses the attention on them.  The energy shift is huge when you take “you” out of the equation.  And the really cool thing is…you’ll both get your desired Outcome.

This applies to all of our relationships; just think of how different our encounters would be if we applied this simple but powerful concept.

Come from a place of Integrity.  Listen. Be passionate.  Enjoy.