The First Step…

Have you ever stood at the base of a tall climb, whether it be a hill or a staircase, and wondered can I do this? Then you take the first step and you’re committed and on your way.

You might pause along the way, you might even hesitate or look back then you recommit and keep going.

When you do reach the top what a feeling of satisfaction!

What if you had stayed right where you were, at the bottom, for fear of not making it to the top…of failing?

Sometimes we just don’t know what the outcome will be…but what we do know is not taking a step is just not an option.

Welcome to week 11 as we Take Action with Success Principle #13.

Do it now. Take the first step. Quit waiting for…Perfection, Inspiration, Permission, Reassurance, Someone or Something to Change, The Right Time, Mr. or Ms. Right. Quit waiting to…Lose Weight, Learn More or Get a Break.

Get Ready. Get Set. GO!