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The Yoga of Non-Stealing in Business

In Sanskrit the word for Non-Stealing is Asteya. The obvious is not taking what does not belong to us and we often think of our possessions but I would like to broaden that as we think of how we conduct ourselves in our business relationships.  One of the areas that we need to be mindful of, because we cannot get or give it back, is time.  A precious valuable asset.  Examine and practice Asteya, the Non-Stealing, of Time and set this powerful Principle in motion.

We are building a solid foundation for our business…

Ahimsa, non-harming.    Satya, truthfulness.    Asteya, non-stealing.


Core Values

Yesterday, in my live tele-training, we had an in-depth discussion about the importance of having Core Values clearly defined as part of your business success model.  Why?  Core Values are your foundation, your guiding principles.  They are what keeps your business together in good times and bad.  Your Core Values represent your highest priorities and deeply held beliefs.  In our competitive environment, your clearly defined and communicated Core Values will set you apart from your competition and have your clients say yes to doing business with you over someone else.

Be Bold.  Be Purposeful.  Be guided by your Core Values.