He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened – Tao Te Ching

Are you thinking to yourself…is she kidding?

I like it because it is the final act of putting the past in its rightful place. The past!

It means everything has been delivered to the CPA so she/he can work their magic.

With all of that handled there is comfort in packing up the past year and getting everything labeled and loaded and on its way into storage where its new job is to collect dust for the next ten years.

With the weight of the past gone to its rightful place in my garage and the promise of the future in front of me, I feel lighter and I’ll admit more than a little proud of me because I had a target date of February 28th on my calendar to have this accomplished and the task was complete a week ahead of time.

I do believe this is the power of setting clear intentions, giving yourself deadlines and being clear of what the final outcome will be. In this case the freedom to run full on into 2017 unencumbered by 2016.

If you haven’t already…free yourself of 2016! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much energy this frees up for you.

Set Intentions. Set Deadlines. Have a Clear Vision of the Outcome. Enjoy!

With Gratitude,

Johanna McClain