What audience members are saying:

It was such a pleasure hearing you speak at the E-Women event. The 5 A’s to Business Solutions you spoke about were timely. I attend many events that provide great speakers; however, it is rare that I actually receive some “take-aways” that I can implement immediately. You gave me great information that I can use immediately to assist me in the success of my business. Thank you so much for your commitment to our success!

Cindy Stephens, CMI
Branch Manager
American Pacific Mortgage



Johanna McClain is an elegant and dynamic speaker.  She knows how to genuinely connect and move an audience. She consistently receives rave reviews, appreciative comments, and has a great command on how to help people improve their business practices. She has distilled complex ancient principles into a simple formula for getting results and motivates people into action. She has a wealth of knowledge and knows how to deliver.

I was mesmerized by her presentation at eWomen. She is irresistible. Her interesting and refreshing outlook on how to apply ancient principles to your business to align it for altitude got my attention. I had to sign up and take her Art of Business Success Workshop. I am so glad I did because my business has accelerated as a result. There is nothing out there that compares to what she is uniquely providing. Johanna is truly inspiring!

Cheryl Blossom
Blossom Institute



Johanna McClain is a master at applying ancient principles to modern business practices. Keeping to these principles and applying the key elements will help your business thrive and prosper. As a speaker, Johanna delivers this message in a way that will impact your business and to expand it organically.

Jamie Cooke, CLU®, ChFC®, CDFA®, AIF®
MC2 Wealth Solutions LLC