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The Yoga of Non-Stealing in Business

In Sanskrit the word for Non-Stealing is Asteya. The obvious is not taking what does not belong to us and we often think of our possessions but I would like to broaden that as we think of how we conduct ourselves in our business relationships.  One of the areas that we need to be mindful of, because we cannot get or give it back, is time.  A precious valuable asset.  Examine and practice Asteya, the Non-Stealing, of Time and set this powerful Principle in motion.

We are building a solid foundation for our business…

Ahimsa, non-harming.    Satya, truthfulness.    Asteya, non-stealing.


A new twist on business planning

I was talking to my graphic designer,Linda Anderson, yesterday and she said something that made me laugh and gave me the idea for this blog! Thank you Linda.

We were talking about how we could help each other in our businesses and I mentioned that if someone said to her “I feel like I have no control” or “I feel like I’m going in circles” they would be a good referral for me. She said “you know that reminds me that when I talk to people in my home state of South Dakota, where the economy is much better than here in Nevada, I tell them that our idea of a business or retirement plan in Nevada is to win the California Lottery or just plane old wishful thinking”.

Even though she was joking it made me wonder…Is this a new twist on business planning? Have people given up? Is this your plan?

Just in case it is…I did a little research for you on Google and found this…”The odds of winning the California Super Lotto Jackpot are 1 in 18 million. (1) … If one person purchases 50 Lotto tickets each week, they will win the jackpot about once every 5000 years. (4) … You Win? California State University, Hayward.”

I could not find any statistics on wishful thinking but my “gut” tells me the odds are not much better than winning the California Lottery.

I’m not saying DON’T buy a lottery ticket or have wishful thinking but I am saying DO have a solid back-up plan in place where you have control over the outcome.

I Hate Setting Goals…Again!

I Hate Setting Goals…Again!

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened – Tao Te Ching

Does the idea of sitting down and writing out your goals for the next year, three years and five years make you want to scream?

I ask you this question 4 month ago, on February 28th. You know you SHOULD have done it, and here it is June 26th and it’s still not done.

Perhaps SHOULD is the problem. Trainer and motivational speaker Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series author) suggests that we write down our WANTS instead of our SHOULDS.

I like this concept. It’s easier to engage and I am now finding great joy in writing out my wants and desires for what I will create for myself over the next few years.

The SHOULDS? Turn them over to people better suited to handle them so you can free yourself to work on what is important to you. I have hired an experienced team to do all of the things I SHOULD NOT be doing because they are not “my thing” so I can put my energy toward what I WANT to do and that’s making money doing “my thing”.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much fun this can be.

Get Ready. Get Set. Goals!