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This is embarrassing


Have you ever done something or made a mistake, unintentionally of course, and then had to make a decision about how to clean it up?

I was recently with my meditation teacher and our group at a retreat in the San Juan Islands on this beautiful estate overlooking the bay (if you have never been there…GO!).

It was a deeply moving and transformational 4 days.

When we were packing to leave, I grabbed a few apples and pears for the road since I drove from Reno to our retreat location.

I went into my fridge on Tuesday and low and behold were these beautiful pears…I took them out to enjoy and discovered they were not real! Gosh they looked so real! I even tried to wish them real to no avail!

Not only were they not real…I stole them, unintentionally of course, and now what do I do?

Ignore the mistake and hope that no one has noticed the missing “fruit”?

Fess up to my meditation teacher and ask how I can return them?

What do you think? How do you handle the embarrassing moments or unintentional mistakes?

With Love and Gratitude,


Are you Interested or Committed?

I was listening to John Assaraf’s Brainathon yesterday and he ask a powerful question around how we look at our goals. The question was…”Are you interested or are you committed?” Is it worth taking a serious look at our goals, especially the ones that are not complete, and go through the process of assigning an… Continue Reading

What are you afraid of?

  I did a little research on some of the top fears American’s suffer from and here’s what I found… Overall, fear of public speaking is America’s biggest phobia – 25.3% say they fear speaking in front of a crowd. Clowns, 7.6% feared, are officially scarier than ghosts (7.3%), but zombies are scarier than both at… Continue Reading

How do you eat an elephant?

Take one bite at a time. I am not advocating eating an elephant.  They are endangered and such noble creatures.  Besides, I’m a vegetarian… The point is to chunk it down.  Mark Twain put it this way “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming… Continue Reading

Can you believe that?

Have you ever stopped and really listened to the negative mental chatter in your head? Would you ever talk to anyone the way to talk to yourself? Would you ever tolerate anyone talking to you the way you talk to yourself? And then to really make things interesting, have you ever found yourself wondering what other… Continue Reading

Price -vs- Priceless

I was with my mastermind group in San Diego this week and we had a free evening to go out for dinner.  Two of my buddies and I began our walk to the restaurant and while waiting to cross the street, we were invited, by a very enthusiastic disco rickshaw driver, to take a ride…… Continue Reading

What’s possible?

  Crazy as you may think it sounds…what’s possible is what you believe is possible! Just think if the Wright brothers didn’t believe we could fly…well probably someone else would have figured it out but you get what I’m saying. What do you need to believe is possible in order for your brain to assist… Continue Reading

What’s the point?

  I really mean…what’s my Purpose? It’s an age old question.  An important question.  And it may be easier to answer than we think… If you stopped searching outside of yourself, for just a moment, it just might bubble to the surface. You see, your soul knows your purpose…that’s why it chose YOU! Try this… Continue Reading

The Power of Many!

I was recently at a full day mastermind with over 40 other business owners and entrepreneurs. The theme…collaboration not competition. Many times we feel like we have to do everything on our own.  What I have learned about that business strategy is that it’s lonely. We’re not always our best advisor or mentor and it’s… Continue Reading

Why can’t I blame you?

Oooooh I so want to! This would get me off the hook for taking personal responsibility for my life. What can I get from this strategy? Will I be courageous? Will I grow and stretch beyond my wildest dreams? Will I become the person I want to be? Will I respect myself and others? I… Continue Reading